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Going wild


There are only a few labels that are characterized by typical features which are immediately recognized. The designs of the main brand fine jewelry manufacture Pforzheim „Hellmuth“, is characterized by an elegant crocodile pattern. The so called „Crocoprägung“ ist he leitmotiv of "Hellmuth Jewelry".

From the packaging and the company`s interior, throughout the jewelry to our stand and the display material. The reptile design has not been a coincidence by Hellmuth. Gert Hellmuth founded the company 1983.

 Inspired by his great-grandfather, Karl Friedrich Hellmuth, who already produced crocodile bags and accessories in the 1870s, Gert decided to continue the tradition with the production of crocodile patterned bracelets. This primordial animal has always been catching up with the design. Sometimes you can clearly see traces oft hat unique design and sometimes it is just a small trace on a piece of jewelry.


From simple to „Croc´n Roll“


The collection of the fine jewelry manufacture Pforzheim ranges from classic designed jewelry with the finest diamonds and colored gemstones, held in 750 gold up tot he „Croc`n Roll“ edition with 925 silver. The designs of white or black rhodium-plated silver include Pavés with two, three or more carat.

Furthermore the fine jewelry manufacture Pforzheim combines silver with 750 gold and high-quality color gemstones. From classic to contemporary jewelry, Pforzheim offers jewelry for all ages and budgets. For lovers a solitaire collection was espeshially created, which offers the Jeweler a higher flexibility and cost optimization.


Must have even for VIP´s


Design and production of our noble jewelry is a perfect compostion of high artistic standard and accurate craftsmanship. The fine jewelry manufacture in Pforzheim pays highly attention to its details. The Hellmuth collections developed into a must have for many celebrities in Hollywood: Christina 

Aguilera, Emma Roberts, Hilary Swank, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, Kate Hudson, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian und Rihanna . 


Our Team

Angelika Maffert

CEO & Shareholder

Oliver Greve


Daniel Maffert

CEO Assistent

Gert Hellmuth

Founder & Designer

Gert Hellmuth Ltd.

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