Perventum 2017






On the occassion of Pforzheims 250 year anniversery of their jewelery industry we as a Pforzheimer fine jewelery manufacture, decided to participate in that great event and create something new.



Our idea „Perventum“ was born.


Since the 19th century it has been common that graduates in the United States, Cananda or Great Britain recieve a class ring during their senior year. A class ring is in general a ring worn by students and alumni to commemorate their graduation, generally in high school, college and university. More than just a paper, it makes the student feel connected to their educational facility. We the Schmuckmanufaktur Pforzheim and the Goldschmiedeatelier Fütterer started this project to create an opportunity for German students to recieve such a ring at the End of their academic journey. A customized ring, from material and style of to the color.


So why not offer a graduate ring in Germany? While we take care of the distribution of the piece, the production is in the hands of the Goldsmith's workshop Fütterer, which, with its more than 20 years of experience, is a modern but traditional company in Pforzheim.



Entdecken sie die vielfalt unserer Kollektion